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Licence in english

The team of our instructors are more than happy to help you achieving your goal of getting the norwegian driving licence. We provide driving lessons in english, though some of the sessions in classroom will mainly be in norwegian. In those cases your instructor/teacher will translate what's needed into english.

Norway has one of the lowest death rate due to traffic accidents in the world. One of the reasons is the strict training, which is based in a four-step program.
Attitude - self-knowledge - reflection - evaluation
These are good cue's to the training.

In addition to the training program, the exam at the Road Officials Office demands a high level of driving skills. This is to ensure that future drivers has sufficient knowledge to drive safely one their own.
We reccomend the following steps, to make the progress towards the practical test, as smooth and comfortable as possible:
In the beginning og your training, or before starting with driving lessons, we recommend that you know the theory, preferably the theory test. When completed, it's valid for 3 years after it's passed.



  • Be sure to tell the Road Officials (Statens Vegvesen) that you need an English speaking sensor/examiner when you're booking the practical test. If not, they might not speak English, and you will have a much bigger challange passing the test.

  • Listen to our teachers, regarding if you are good enough to pass the test, or not. Many students are told that they drive good enough  by their PRIVATE instructors, but they are very often wrong. It's quite expensive to fail on a Practical test. It's better to be well prepaired, and at a high enough level, rather than to gamble that you will pass.

(Comment that you need english speaking driver's instructor)

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