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You're behind the wheel

Start the engine!

We want to follow you all the way from your first drive by car, untill you sit behind the wheel with your driving license in hand! The moment where you can sit in the car and take your first trip alone. Our goal is to make you ready for this, so you can meet the challenges in the traffic with good knowledge, and safety for you and others.

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Our student can log onto their own student sites to check Reservations, Balance, and find Information concerning Bank Account number and KID for any Payment. Follow the link and log in / create a new user if it is the first time you log in. Note: The phonenumber must be registered in our system to log in. (opens in new window).


Evaluation leasson stage 2

Mandatory Evaluation lesson at the end of step 2. Here is the form of self-evaluation.

Download, print, fill out and bring it on the 2.11 evaluation leasson.



Safety course on Track: 3.8

When you are ready for the Safety driving course on Track/ Slippery Road, it is highly advised to be well prepared. This will give the student the most out of the day. You're going to get lots of new experiences, so be prepaired.

This form helps you to rethink your expectations for the course.


Evaluation leasson stage 3

Mandatory Evaluation lesson at the end of step 3. Here the form of self-evaluation for Traffical Competence skills.

Download, print, fill out and bring it on the 3.9 evaluation leasson.



Safety course on Road: 4.1.3

Towards the end of the mandatory Courses, you will plan and then drive a route in varied traffic environment. We have made the route for you, you'r job is to plan it by best ability. Remember that all aids are allowed (GPS, printed map etc.). You can stop along the route to plan where to go next. Read more about the course on the link below.

Safety control of the car

We want you as a student should have most of your driver training. Before the Practical test/ driving Examn, the student will have a Technical question. This detailed document outlining the things you should be able to operate in the car, should be memorised. The aim is that the vehicle you are driving is in safe and in good condition. 

*Safety control in english will be provided anytime soon #safety #english

Driving Routes for practice

As Our Student, we will help you to get the most out of being a student on Bergen BIL & MC school, bilmc. We therefore have a number of benefits to you, which you can take advantage of during training. Including that we have created customized routes for you to practice along with a companion.
This is exclusively for our Students, therefore we password protected this side. Consult your driving instructor or the office to get updated password.


Here you find information about our staff. On this page you will be able to find contact information such as phone numbers and e-mail.
You also find listings for the driving license class individual teachers teach, and Language capabilities.